Thursday, August 12, 2010

365 day 246 kids are sooooo expensive!

I have gone through countless tales here over Kade and Ro getting into things they shouldn't. Dumping thing, wrecking things.... whatever.

Now..... Kadence had been sent to bed. She didn't want to read the story Ro was getting and I was home alone with them. So I sent her to bed to wait for me. She was really really tired - so I actually thought (oh silly mommy) that she had fallen asleep.

Really................... she had gone and grabbed my clinique lotion. and dumped almost ALL of it all over her bad self and the floor. AGAIN. This is I think her 3rd time... and that stuff is not CHEAP!  She had covered herself in hairspray (I can't even count what number this act is up to) and my hair gel bottle also was laying empty on her floor. After getting what was coming to her she fell asleep.

Later on............... I found a bottle of lotion. What was left in it was covered in water. AND 2 empty toner bottles. Seriously... both empty but still in my bathroom and my sink was dry. WHERE had she dumped them? never found out. Did find out what had happened to the rest of my lotion though.... Rohan was trying to clean all my stuff Kade had dumped for me. And was trying to clean the inside of the lotion bottle.

Oh BROTHER.... being good or bad............ kids are EXPENSIVE! And now... I must get lotion as my face is peeling off already lol.

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