Friday, August 6, 2010

365 day 243... or is it | Calgary children's photographer

OK. I just need to stop. And admit it. This cold plus allergies has really taken everything out of me.
I wasn't taking pictures... and my posting is behind. So I must get caught up!!!

Today... I took enough pictures to last a week. If only that was the way a 365 worked ;) What a great day! It was so nice out (hello rareness) and we went over to my friend V's to check out her new (and awesome) digs and play in the backyard. It was so much fun!!! Can't wait to cram in more friend time before dum.dum.dum. SCHOOL!!!!!! Hopefully this time we can do it without a flooded toilet due to Addy's obsession with flushing things she shouldn't lol. And causing a leak right to the basement ;) Although.... where else would we find such excitement?

I took too many pictures today. I filled my CF card. Which means over 300. It was just so fun to hang out and snap pics of the kids. How will I EVER choose what to show here????? Oh the stress......

The usual suspects......

Hello Miss Snow White. You are too cute for words.

*melts my heart*

He's getting a little too brave.... I smell broken bones if he doesn't start slowing down!

I love water shots. LOVE.

Some of the slide action.... completely wore Rohan out. Completely. pure bliss lol.

What else would make the perfect treat on a hot day???

heehee giggle *snort*

V tricked her to look at me. Using food. Of course ;)

So she won't go near the pool in her swin suit.... but put her in a dress and.......

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  1. Looks like an awesome day! You got some good ones of Kade!





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