Tuesday, August 17, 2010

365 day 250 kids sure can cheer a girl up :)

It's been a long day! My allergies are raging out of control beings lol. I even had to make a side trip to double up my dosage today. WEIRD how I grew up with cats my whole life, yet once I moved out I could never go near another one again. I remember going back to my parents place after I moved out and after playing with Cozy (our cat) in the backyard I came inside.... only to find myself covered in HIVES! All over my face... everywhere!

Anyways..... side note - I would rather poke my eyes with toothpics than drive Sarcee again. SERIOUSLY.  Someone get US a ring road already! Construction after construction.... I do not know how people do that every day...... no thank you!

I got to meet a sweet little newborn today.... but she was already playing diva and I get to see her again! Funny how girls get that attitude so young ;) She was having none of my camera today so we are going to meet up again.... and I am determined... so she better bring her A game ;)

Once I got home the kids proved to have given Grandma and Deb a run for their money.... they needed a drink. STAT. After they left, I brought the kids in and we started to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
OK really? Did anyone actually LIKE that movie? We shut it off. I have no desire to watch it when the kids are in bed either.

So Kade wanted to cheer me up. And wear on of the headbands I made today. Yes I know.... just one more thing I have added to my must do list lol. So she let me take some fun pics of her. I wish the backdrop didn't suck - but all my props were still in the car and I had no desire to be dragging them in right then!

Hello eyelashes!!!!

Ahhhh the light in the kitchen in the afternoon is heavenly! Oh my messy child... I love you.

Best I got of him lol. ZERO cooperation!

See? Happy girl!!!!! The headbands I made are for newborns... but she wanted to try one on, so I said yes!

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  1. oooohhhh, I just made a whole bunch of headbands like that! So cute!





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