Thursday, August 26, 2010

365 day 254 BEACH DAY. A REAL BEACH TOO!!!

Alright my 365 is ALL OUT OF WHACK.
And so will the posts. I am going to catch up - just work has got the best of me!!!

We went to Sylvan Lake yesterday. 4 kids are a LOT of work. Head counts all the time... and someone is always missing!

We took grandma and Jax and Keags with us. As we couldn't all fit (even in a van) I drove the kids in the van and daddy and grandma took her car. The way there was uneventful.. but I did learn a couple of random facts.
-When you give someone a drink or food... you have to stop. You can not get it to the back and neither can the kids directly behind you.
-Learn how to use the DVD player and get a movie in BEFORE leaving. Very important.
-buckling kids in the back row STINKS
-driving a van is like floating on air - AWESOME.
Once there is was PARTY TIME!!!

The boys got real brave. They are just getting so big and independent! They took those boogie boards and went out pretty deep. Tried picking up a girl too ;)

Everyone had so much fun! It was the perfect day.... I just wish there was more beach there!
Can't wait to hit it up next year! And hit the waterslides!

The drive home was more eventful. Many tears (Kade) and sore everythings (Kade and RO) many stops requied (there are SO FEW easy stops on the QE2 BTW) and much more hunger and thirst to deal with.

And here I thought they would sleep the whole way home!!!!!

She put mascara on today. Can you tell?


  1. I love looking at your work, Kathy! You are so talented!!

  2. Love it! I can't believe you took your camera to the beach! You must have had to babysit it the whole time! I am scared to take mine! BTW, as the kids get older, you put the oldest in the front row so they can hand stuff back to the others! Vans ROCK!!!

  3. Amanda is right... I look forward to looking at them every time you post!





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