Sunday, October 25, 2009

sweet Miss R and co

She's THREE!!!!!! Time sure does fly. My friend T and I headed out to the park on seriously the last nice day outside. It may have been windy - but it was worth it, because the very next day winter arrived. We also took some indoor shots - all for little Miss R who just turned 3!!! She is just the sweetest little girl - Happy Birthday Rachel!!!! Of course since her big sis and lil bro were there - we got a couple of them too ;)

This one just makes me LAUGH!

Really.... she was having a good time - she just wanted to be the one TAKING the pics, and Ro had the camera they were using while I made her pose lol.

It took a few minutes to get into dancing with the skirt on - but after a few she was HOOKED! So cute!

Look at him! He's WALKING!!!!!!

I love that wobbly just starting out walk :)


  1. Great pics as always Miss K! Lucky for you the kids in these pics are absolutely GORGEOUS (and handsome lol)

  2. AWESOME photos as always Kathy!!!!





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