Wednesday, October 28, 2009

365 blog challenge (my style) day1

So I have to decided to to one blog entry per day of my life for 365 days :) And yes - this has been done many times before, and not exactly the way I am doing it!!!!
My rules - one blog post per day of my life - the good the bad and the ugly. In addition to my regular posts. Tryin to keep it simple, keep it real, have fun and learn! It was suggested to me by a friend to journal my kids lives - cause really they are pretty funny :) They do some pretty crazy things for being so young - and I have great 'while I was in the shower my kids.........' stories lol. I also am doing it to focus on improving my camera skills. To those who have asked - I shoot in manual. ALWAYS. So all these pics (as well as my others) are in manual. I haven't totally decided which metering mode I heart the most, so right now they are center weighted, but that may change. So hopefully I will manage to get some pics of my kids actually edited (cause I have a million sitting around unedited and undeveloped), some stories to keep for them, and improve my skills all at once :)

So for now...... I am focusing on doing these posts with my 50mm 1.4. And shooting wide open..... ok sometimes they won't be totally wide - but never over 2.8 (which is my fav app on this lens). I think these were around 1.8.

The reason they won't always be totally wide? I love CRISP focus. And I haven't mastered that at 1.4. Especially on my usual subjects - my 2 and 4 year old (gasp is he really 4!!!!!!). They are pretty active and HATE having their pics taken, so I have learned to be pretty quick!

These pics are out on our street. We just got back from Halloween costume shopping and I let the kids have some playtime out there - on their current fav toys. Rohan is a speed demon on that scooter.... we have a slight hill for a driveway so he scoots down it then turns the corner and keeps rollin down our slightly hilly street lol. Kade is a little more cautious. She like to go fast (she thinks) then FREAKS out and plants her feet, almost causing wipeout after wipeout. Pretty funny :)

As I write this post at 9:30 both my children are up watching me. Apparently hunger and can't sleep. Never a dull moment!

They really play together super nice.... Kade here is actually pushing Ro into the street and he started crying about 3 seconds after this pic. totally TYPICAL.

And this is about as much as Kade wants to participate in pics ...... EVER.

When I was a kid we had a tree with these things... I have no clue what it is actually called..... we used to call it the helicopter tree :) Those little things spin around when you drop them to the ground.

And day is never complete without one of these :) And I am currently out of coffee, so I finally got me some when we were out shopping! LOVE my coffee!

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  1. What an awesome idea! I have thought about doing this but never with a specific lens and never actually did it. Fear of failure? I don't know, but good luck and I am looking forward to seeing all those posts!





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