Thursday, October 29, 2009

365 day2

OK so here we are day 2 and I have 2 kids that DO NOT want to cooperate! I had this whole plan in mind.... but Rohan was not so cooperative. And Kade well... she was herself. IN TRUE FORM today. 2 year olds are ridiculous. She was already back in pj's by 3pm because that is when I was ready to put her back to bed!!!!!

Here are a few.... and this is 'the bad' today. Didn't have a reflector up - so the light was a bit harsh on one side. But oh well.... I still did it according to my rules!

Rohan's latest fixation. Daddy's ipod touch. the reason we need something like this in kid version but really awesome quality. If you know of something please let me know! He loves playing all the kid apps on it :)

he was really ready for this to be over a few clicks in!

And this lovely lady is Grandma. She came in for the day and let me run out and mail some stuff and get a couple groceries. Love her! This picture was taken at ISO 2500. I am in love with my camera!!!!!!! Noise? really...... where?????


  1. Wow! That is amazing! Not a bad day at all! I want your camera by the way, no noise anywhere!

  2. i'm amazed! I wont say what i said to you in private lmao!





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