Friday, October 30, 2009

365 day 3

Today was a crazy but totally fun day in my house :) My sister - apparently a genius ;) suggested that we start doing a kids swap. So she looks after my kids one day a week and I look after hers another day. So we each get ONE WHOLE DAY a week to ourselves!!!!!!!! To a SAHM - you all know that is like GOLD. What did I do with my day this week? Steam cleaned the carpets. I know I know you are ALL totally jealous over my glamorous and exciting life. But I tell you I haven't been that happy in a while! My carpets look brand new! And considering they are about 10 or 11 years old, we have two kids and two dogs - that in itself is a major WAHOOOO moment!!!
Anyways... she dropped off her kiddos this am (and I AM consumed with jealousy that my nephew is awesome at his potty training as he is younger than Kade lol). Our kids usually play really nicely so I had been looking forward to this. I also looked forward to hangin with my nephews... they are so cool!!!
A friend also dropped off something VERY special for a very fun photoshoot Monday (so stay tuned) with her 2 kids so we had a very fun noisy household.
I decided to get the kids out of the house this pm. 4 kids 4 and under and 2 dogs definately caused some crazy moments... but I think everyone had fun and it was nice to get out!
and yes I KNOW there are limb chops in here... but hey I was watching 4 kids and holding one dog on a leash lol. I'm glad I got the ones I did!
Some of the edits are not my usual..... I am trying out some fun solid color fill layers to get a tad hazy, creamy look. So it is on purpose!

Here's the proof!

couple of pokey weirdos.... they kept laying on the cement and laughing while the other 2 ran ahead!!!

He had to jump off EVERYTHING he saw!

This was what happened today when I was in the shower.... she makeupd herself. Later I found she also did a matching makeup job on her baby!

she wanted to stay there all day!

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  1. Sooo fun! That's awesome! I am loving the edits! You'll have to send me a message ;)





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