Saturday, October 31, 2009

cold weather, combined family outdoor fun!

The wait is OVER!!!!!
Now - Imagine this..... 2 brothers, their wives, and their combined 8 kids!!!!!! Made for a very fun and interesting shoot :) Especially as 2 of them were still little bitty cutie babies.
These parents rock the world of parenting. We hung out in the cold for a couple of hours. Jackets on, warm up, jackets off, snap a couple, jackets on again. They were hardcore. And their kids - AMAZING. For all of the young kids that were there, and facing the task of getting their pictures taken, one word sums them up - AMAZING. All in all there was a ton of fun to be had - I just wish it had been warmer! Thanks you guys for braving the cold with me, and for not actually touching all the deer that were around. I am a little freaked of wild animals being THAT close to me.... even if they were only deer!

Hope you enjoy!!!!

A couple of my very fav shots!!!! totally crushin on the flare!

So cool.... desperately wishing for more of a zoom lens. Love this!

hmmmm bribery anyone????????????

Now that's a handful of kids!!!! and look how cute they all are!


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