Tuesday, October 6, 2009

little cutie pie Miss A

My gosh - this little girl is just the sweetest little thing. Her mom was unsure of how she was going to handle getting her pics taken - but let me tell you she was BOUNCING all over the place saying 'take my picture'. It was SO fun!!! I have never met a kid so excited to have her pic taken!!! Thank you for such a wonderful shoot!!!
I also had some fun when editing. I have been studying up once more and am ready to unleash a few more newer edits :)

And get this.... she shares her birthday with my son! (just a year younger)

I love the vintagy feel of this photo. Feels like it just *suits* it.

This was my very fav picture - so fitting it would get one of my new most fav little color pops! She is TOO cute!


  1. She is adorable! What a little beauty! Great pics as always Kathy!

  2. She is so cute! You captured her really well! I love the vintagy feel one!





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