Saturday, October 31, 2009

365 day 4 halloween

Rohan was SO excited over halloween. He is one of the funniest kids... you know the ones grab the candy (and by that I mean grab as much as he can) yell thank you over his shoulder, and run asking which house is next. Not even waiting for the rest of our posse!!!
This year costumes did not work out as planned. So after my sister showed me some good finds at Wallyworld off we went. Where Rohan decided to be just like his cuz and get the same costume. The bad spiderman. VERY excited he got to wear a mask. I had a pile of ones for Kade - but really. The girl would rather be naked that anything lol. Asking her to dress up is painful! She picked the Tinkerbell costume (which we have had the new Tink movie for about a week, and she never says she likes. Of course once she has the costume on she tells daddy who was watching Treehouse with Ro - no Daddy I don't like this show put on Tinkerbell!!!! Maybe she is getting girly!)
So the kids got bathed and got into their costumes (with Kade complaining she wanted to be Spiderman lol). Rohan bolts downstairs to scare Daddy. I hear BWAHAHAHAHA from Ro and Daddy pretending to yelp in surprise. To which Rohan says no, seriously daddy it really is just ME under the costume!!!!! SO CUTE.
We went out with my sister and her family just up and down the block. Kade would not let ANYONE hold her candy bag and dragged it on the ground behind here lol. She is scarred from the night....... there was a man handing out candy at the end of the street sitting on the steps with a scary mask on. Right until the moment she fell asleep from then on all we heard all night was 'why did that man scare me' 'that man scared me mom/dad' 'why' 'why didn't he take the mask off' 'why did the man have a mask' SERIOUSLY. All night. and we had to answer her every time. I couldn't even get through a book with her, and she wanted to sleep with Ro lol. HOW CUTE.


Such a lady!

The boys doing their thing!


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