Saturday, January 1, 2011

The very best Christmas present | Calgary newborn photographer

Someone had the best present present EVER for Christmas!!! And they both knew what they were getting...... about 9 months ahead of time ;)

This little guy was just the cutest little bundle with AMAZING eyes! He was born just over a week early and was such a good baby his momma and I were sure we were going to get some awesome pics!!!

As we was born at Christmas we got some very unique and special pictures of this little guy. BUT.... he had other ideas! He decided on his 9th day to be awake... for 4 hours!!! We tried and tried but there were no sleepy pics for this little one. He even blinked his eyes at separate times so I couldn't even catch him looking asleep! Of course once I was unpacking and he was all wrapped up snuggling mom on the couch it was lights out for the little guy.....

I am so excited to spend a little more time with him, and am also excited to get through the pics we did take. His eyes are just beautiful.


  1. Awww! LOVE the christmas tree in the background!!! Awesome!

  2. Beautiful with the tree in the background. I really love the "3'" of them.





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