Sunday, January 9, 2011

realizing my love of lifestlye

The quirky smiles. Goofy grins. Messy faces.
Kids covered in paint. In glue. In dirt.

Running through sprinklers. Trying to tie a shoelace. Eating cereal for the first time.
A baby's smile. Sitting up for the first time.

Mushy hugs. Messy kisses. Crazy hair. Crazy outfits.
Baking. Drawing. Playing. Singing.

Laughing. Dancing. Playing in the snow.
Painted nails. Hair done up. Dressup clothes. High heels.

Baths. Trying to dress themselves. Stealing cookies from the cookie jar.
staring out windows. Hitting the park.

My favorite pictures. The pictures that upon backing up my blog yesterday were the ones pulling at my heart strings. The ones I had to keep yelling to everyone 'Hey come look at this one!' until they just ignored me :)
THESE are why I started to get serious with photography. THIS is why I continue to do it.

The moments. Never wanting to miss one I started learning a camera. Wanting to capture a moment the best way possible I continue my journey. REALIZING that I want to give everyone pictures like these.

The other day I took pictures of my nephew. He's eating food now!!! And holding on to toys... smiling and I swear saying hi to me.... I took them as he was. In his a bumbo, his playmat, Kade's arms, his mommy's arms. And fell back in love with why I started this. Because I wish I had been doing this when my kids were this small... I have pictures but they are not like the pictures I take today!

besties. Well she loves him. And right now... he puts up with her ;)

I think this was his second or third day eating. He's a pro!

I begged Auntie Mel to feed him so I could take pictures ;)

LOVE this!

This is probably her most favorite thing in the world to do.

It is a big deal when they can start holding toys on their own!!! The concentration on his face... love it!

He looks SO MUCH like Ro did as a baby in this pics it is unreal!

Lunch time :)

Chillin with mom. Super sweet.

So.... as part of my realization that I still truly love lifestyle photography.... there are going to be some pretty fun session give aways on my fb fan page. If you are not a liker already... I suggest you go and like! If you know anyone that is into lifestyle photography... please send them to my page! This is going to be super awesome and I can not wait to get started!


  1. I love these. I wish I had pics of my kids like this when they were little!





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