Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's a ZOO out there! | Calgary children's photographer

I am sooo finding out the cost of doing a session at the zoo if there is one. The number of different backdrops there is amazing, and the fact that the kids are out and having a blast just makes it that much easier!!

My friend and I wrangled our animals and met up for a whole afternoon of zoo fun. It was super... and totally what I needed right now. Our family is going through some changes which I am not ready to actually deal with yet and as usual T picked me right out of the crying mess that I am right now. And everyone had fun. It was warm enough to hit the playground and walk around (yes D chinooks are nice once I am done with the chinook migraines) with all the good stuff indoors too.

I especially had fun... I mean I had 3 kids willing to look at my camera!!! We were just messing around, but I assure you the possibilities there are completely endless.....

Went to see the butterflies (which weren't there) and it was SO HOT in there!!! We were pretending to be vacationing in Cabos.......

Hello. My name is trouble. What's yours?

Gorgeous. She sure is growing up!!

Someone's looking for a boy.... in a red coat......

The only pics my kids would let me take of them. Sheesh.

My friend's daughter asked me to take pics of the hippo. So I could 'put it on my website so it would be famous.' LOL There you go hippo!

Most fav pic of the day. For reals.


  1. these pics are great , they have such a nice feel about them xx

  2. such crisp pics for being inside! Good for you to get out and get away from everything! You need it!





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