Sunday, January 2, 2011

on they way to becoming a family on 5 | Calgary maternity photographer

They are on the way to their 3rd baby!!! And she is absolutely gorgeous and radiant! I took this family's photos in the summer you can see them here. They are such a fun family and I had such a great time taking their family photos I was THRILLED when she told me they were expecting. AND wanted more photos!!

Here is a sneak of the maternity photos... they are all literally from the first 5 min of the shoot! They were all so happy and fun it is going to be hard narrowing the gallery down!

Next up for this family.... newborn photos! You better believe this baby is going to be gorgeous - just like everyone else in the family!

He was more than willing to help me set up :) Testing testing... ok we're good to go!

How could this NOT make one smile? Cuteness overload.

This kid is going to be one of the BEST big brothers around. He even wants to share a room with the baby... totally CUTE!!!

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