Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby, it's cold out there!!!!

Lately I have been having a hard time.... everything just seems sad right now.
My sister and her family (with whom we are EXTREMELY close with) moved to PEI. It's such a great thing for them and while I am totally happy for them, I am completely sad for us.

I haven't wanted to see my camera. Never mind pick it up and use it. I was taking too many 'this will be the last time we _ or the last time they _' pictures. I can't even open them to edit right now. Which is why my 365 is behind. I have taken the pictures, just can not bear to deal with them right now. My sister said her move felt like a divorce. Which it really does. We are so used to talking all the time, exchanging kids, and hanging out together I am a little like a lost puppy right now. As do my kids.

BUT..... life does go on. And fun can happen (even though I was sure it couldn't).

It snowed. A LOT this weekend. And we took the kids outside to play. For hours. I did not think they would last that long, but they did. Ro was of course the last one standing. As I was approaching frostbite I made him call it a day. Super fun... so glad we spent a couple hours not thinking about everything else going on... it has been a rough stretch.

Might as well get them used to working hard now... I don't want to be shovelling forever ;)

Hey... we told you there are NO coffee breaks in shovelling!

Daddy made Rohan a nice little tunnel/cave. It was a cave first, then when Ro's shovel came through the other side it was a tunnel they played in. Eventually Rohan also built a huge sunroof in it ;)


Good thing Daddy is a good sport ;) That Ro really gets into his 'work'!

The amount of ice and snow buildup on this kids hat is HILARIOUS! He didn't care at all!


And they are spent.

And then..... hot chocolate time. And time for a discovery. For anyone with kids that drink soy milk only... Kade for once LOVED hers. Hot chocolate powder with soy milk is a BIG HIT!

So so pretty out. Too bad Santa didn't deliver me a macro!


  1. I love this!! Your pics are so crisp!! Glad you could leave the sad stuff behind for a couple of hours!! Now I'm inspired to kick my kids off the Wii and get outside cuz our snow dump hit last night...

  2. Glad to see you having some fun! I have been thinking about you lots! Sending love and hugs...

  3. Awww.. sorry to hear about your sister's move :( My sis and I are very close and she lives in Manitoba. So hard to say goodbye. Hopefully our little Leah will put a smile on your face this Sat. Looking forward to it :)





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