Tuesday, January 4, 2011

LOVIN the snow photos

Who knew??

Today was a very difficult day in our household. Ever parent has those nights. Sick kids. Kids peeing in the bed. Kids crying. Parents simply falling asleep to be woken up to a kid screaming that they aren't paying attention to them. You know those nights. They suck. And leave you feeling as strong as a wet dishcloth. It seems especially bad when your kids have alternating growing pains nights and one is night training (Kade is - we just went through it with Rohan. Once he was dependable we started on her), then one gets the flue then a few days later the other does. I am not sure my body would know what to do with 8 hrs of sleep at this point!

Rohan is sick. It started around midnight and well about an hr we found out it is still ongoing. Kade woke up before Ro's action crying. I went to her and got her back to sleep and went to bed. Then it was Rohan. What a mess. Complete nightmare. Ro went downstairs with Dion. He threw all Ro's sheets in the wash. I went back to bed. Kade then woke up as she peed the bed. I got up with her and fixed her up and changed the laundry. Then dealt with a 3 yr old temper tantrum. Really... Ro was up why couldn't she be??? so I took her to bed with me and watched mindless tv. You know... weeeeeee threeeee weeeeee threeee we three! Who thinks up these poor excuses for kids tv shows anyways? She had exhausted the sheets and Rohan's were also in the wash so options were limited! And we have no plastic sheets on our bed so I was spending the time a little nervous. Dion had to stay on the couch with Rohan...... ahhh life in the fast lane!

I could hear everything going on downstairs and quickly counted my blessings I was chillin with the princess.

Kade was talking in her sleep, thrashing, kicking - I clearly was not going to be getting much. I e-mailed my client who was coming over for a shoot at 10 saying we would have to reschedule. Then Dion came up. Exhausted. So I went downstairs. Oh my. drama drama. Around 6:30 I was really starting to worry... poor kid :( Around 7 Kade came downstairs and I saw my hope of a little sleep quickly slip away. Ro took off to bed around 8 and slept until noon. And I drank 8 cups of coffee. lol. Again... why can I NOT make a decent cup of coffee?????

The rest of the day revolved around the sickie. And our tiredness. Finally I knew Kade was going to have to go out. So I took her over to the park for an hour. On the way home Dion had phoned... Ro was sick again. So we boogied home.

The kids are in bed now.  I am crossing every finger in the hopes they stay sleeping. All night. I am so tired. Dion is so tired. We need sleep. So I am off to get some much needed work done and an early bedtime!!! Because really.... sleep may again be hard to come by!

After the last maternity shoot in the snow I realized outdoor snow shots are phenominal. For real. Especially just before sunset. I highly recommend a shoot in the snow. With the right clothes and accessories it is magical. A bright pink jacket.... well maybe not so much ;) lol

Her version of smiling and posing. Notice anything weird about the boots?

gummi bears ;)

Gosh look at this light. GORGEOUS sunset action. You should get in on this beautiful light!

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