Friday, February 11, 2011

hooked | Calgary children's photographer

It only took about 3 seconds. In that time I took this.

I have taken many many poor man's macro shots. So many that I decided to try out a real macro. So I decided to try the 105mm 2.8. Seriously sharp lens. Can be very slow... wouldn't recommend to shoot someone's soccer game... but when it's on it is ON. Kade's picture? iso 3200 f3. Not great lighting... I just opened it up and wanted to try. And hello lashes and eyes. That sharp at 3200? Game on.

They hate the park. Seriously.

Need a hand? Here let me stand by you and make it look like I dragged you down the slide.

These next two are my fav's from the day. Just monkeying around. As usual.

What I get when I BEG for a shot by the blue wall.

What I get when I BEG for shots of them together. Kade is all ok, let's hold hands Rohan. And Ro is all no freaking way! Let me shove you to the ground while I yank my hand from yours.

I don't know how I managed to get any smiles really. 

And now... for the finale.... more reasons to love this lens......

Good times. Good times. *sigh*


  1. I am so jealous!! I pulled out my poor man's extension tubes today with my 50mm lens for some macro, but it sucks compared to a real macro lens!





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