Wednesday, July 29, 2009

cutie pie 4 year old.....

This is my friend J's little girl. Miss M!!!! She is just beautiful, her eyes are amazing!!!!
She was totally into her modelling session and we all had a BLAST!!!! We even managed to break into a canola field..... one of my dream shoots. I loved every minute of this session and am so excited to go back!!!!

They had this awesome tea set for pictures.... right in their backyard - which is the biggest backyard in a city (or is it a town) I have ever seen!!!!

This one is edited for a more vintage feel.....

Our break in at the canola field!

These were just some fun shots with the parasols.... she really loved them!


  1. Oh my goodness! I love the the sillouette with the parasol!!!!! What a sweetie! I also really love the one of her in the canola smelling it! Really great shots!

  2. Thanks for comming out Kathy, we had a blast too! Megan now goes into her room randomly to find "more modelling clothes for next time" LOL. We are definitely looking forward to next time!

  3. these pictures are all amazing!!!!

  4. Wonderful shoot Kathy. Your talent is really shining through!





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