Wednesday, August 5, 2009

some five year old fun!

I was lucky enough to get to take pics of little miss B. She is just total cuteness and a little sweetheart. My son may have fallen into a first crush lol. He is constantly reminding me that she is five and bringing up the morning we spent out in the park with her.
I of course will be reminding him when he's much older of the morning he spent with her dressing up in her princess dress up clothes and heels LOL!!!!! He just loved hangin with her... it was super hard to steal her away to take some pics!
We got the chance to take some indoor and some outdoor shots - thanks for all your patience!
My kids were the biggest challenge of the day.... they were like wild animals!!! Thankfully B's parents kept them occupied, or it would have been disastrous.
And..... lucky me..... I get to take some more so stay tuned!!!!

And now... prepare your self for cuteness!!!!

Oh how fun were the balloons!!!! I will buy a TON more next time... they kept popping in the grass. We had to stop due to lack of balloons!!!!

This one was my personal fav of the day. amazing.


  1. I have to say my favorite is the one with the orange balloon. I love the texture and the refletion in the balloon? Awesome!

  2. oh i love them all. i keep meaning to try the balloon thing. Thanks for the tip off about the balloon shortage!





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