Monday, July 6, 2009

get ready for some pink!!!!

Well we had a very fun mini shoot day at my house! My baby is going to be two - and so are most of her friends!! I have met alot of friends through a pregnancy playgroup so we got some of the girls together to get their pictures done!
It's a pretty big task - getting 4 girls (and one big brother at times) together, getting them in the right spots, smiling at the right times! But we sure had fun trying :)

This young cutie is Miss L, she is one of my bff's little girls and impossibly difficult to photograph!!! She definitely is giving me some experience getting an active, fun, energetic toddler to look at me and sit still happily. I just love her to bits, and she is totally adorable.

I am trying out alot of new looks, still defining my pp style and really having fun seeing the effects, and trying to master them!
So this is a pic with the original edit.....

And this pic is supposed to look a little *hazy* with one of my fav textures.

Seriously who can resist the cuteness of this?????

This one has my reg edit with one of my all time fav texters. BTW - this was my fave Pic of Little L!!! Love it!

And this is usually what happens when I try *torturing* this little cutie with my camera! I am so mean!


  1. The pink is adorable! I can't wait to see more of this shoot!

  2. I LOVE the first and the last ones!

    Kathy you are doing a fantastic job! If you ever want a real challenge, let me know, my boys are waiting. teeheee





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