Saturday, July 11, 2009

TONS of stuff going on.... with a little something for you!

Let's get right to it -------- I'm going to be offering a contest! And it is going to have a prize :)
I am currently working creating a facebook fan page. It is something I have struggled with, because I still am undecided on the name of my business. And as I will be changing my name *hopefully SOON* I wasn't sure if I wanted to start out with mine.
But the time has come, I'm ready for some bookings - so I'm sticking with my name for now.

So last night I worked all night on developing a logo. It's not the fanciest or the prettiest - but it's my first and I'm pretty happy about it :)
Soon I will have some pics up with my new logo on my facebook page. ( I will also be showcasing it here for the very FIRST time in this post).

To celebrate the opening of my latest business step I am going to put together a contest. The rules will be posted on the FB page, I will also put them here. So get ready!!!!!!

So to get my logo made, I learned alot more about photoshop. And thankfully, it's stuff that is going to help me get faster. (I am soooo far behind in my family pics). I have learned how to make my own actions and how to make a watermark. Super fun stuff!!!

So I should be caught up in no time!!!!! (I'm not sure if Dion is happier over this or me lol)

So here it is...... the unveiling of my logo. This shot was in Victoria..... I was hanging out the edge of the water taxi on our way back to Poppa's house. GORGY!


  1. This is gorgeous! I love the logo! You better not get more fans on your face book page than me or I'll be really mad!!!! LOL

  2. I think the logo is perfect!! So exciting!! Can't wait for the fan page!





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