Tuesday, July 7, 2009

oh yes there is more pink!

This is 2 out of 4 WOOHOO!!!!! This is another bff of Kade's.
She is the ultimate shoe-a-holic. One can not help but fall in love for her passion for shoes (and boots) - just ask Kade it is rubbing off!!!
She totally fell for the lollipops - I'm sure you can tell as we got no pics of her without one!!!!
Here is the ever adorable fashonista little miss A.

Sidenote - yes for now I am in love with *haze* photos and textures. for the moment LOL! They totally rock with these pics!Glad to have friends willing to let me experiment!

Seriously.... could it get any cuter!!!!

This is my fav one of Miss A. I just love how it turned out. Gorgy gorgy. I better see this up in you new house mom!!!!LOL - No pressure. Ok maybe a little ;)


  1. LOVE them all. Thanks so much for letting us be your test subjects. I love the memories that i will have of Addy forever

  2. Totally love the second last one!!! Gorgeous texture and coloring! Good job!





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