Sunday, February 20, 2011

Smokin HAWT ~ Calgary maternity photographer

That is what this momma to be is!!!!
Being pregnant is such an exciting and overwhelming time. Being pregnant with your first especially so!! You wouldn't even know it if you met R. So relaxed, and just gorgeous. It is not fair at ALL for women to look this pretty pregnant! We had a super fun session at their house and BRAVED the cold for a few shots outside! When I say braved, that is what it was. It was so cold and windy out... we kept having to warm up! Not the time you want to be caught outside dressed for fashion instead of function! But they pulled it off without complaint. Even holding their breath on the count of 3 so we wouldn't be seeing it in the pics ;)

Such an awesome couple... they are going to be amazing parents. What a lucky baby.

Just posting a couple... I am going to get my monitor calibrated before I carry on on any pictures. I am totally scared my colors are off and I like knowing they are bang on. So if anything looks off - rest assured it will be fixed tomorrow. Having a calibrated monitor will give me peace of mind to fly through all the photos I have waiting to be edited!!!

Who DOESN'T want a wall like this??? I asked if she could please come over to my house so I could watch the baby, while she ummm organized and decorated mine. Even warned her it might take weeks. She never did answer me......

I love this... because he busted out talking to the baby :)

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