Saturday, February 19, 2011

Reality Rocks session #1 ~ Calgary baby photographer

It was so much fun to get together with this family again!!! I did their newborn session (twice) and was totally pumped to hang out for a lifestyle session. She had one of the free sessions during the Reality Rocks contests and we both were very happy!! I know how hard she was trying to win!!!

I haven't gotten through them all, but I did want to post a few as I know A really wants to see some ;) With switching computers it's been a little slow going now, but it is going to be totally and completely worth it. The actual editing time is so much faster and once I get the keyboard, commands and stuff down I know it is going to rock out!!

We got some pretty fun pics of little miss L. Ones that just make you smile. I am trying to get used to lifestyle vs posed which I thought would be easy, but once I get to people's homes I realize I do need some practice with it! I am so used to posing people! But it was an awesome session full of gorgeous images. I hope to do so much more of this... LOVED it and I LOVE the pics!

I need to apologize for the watermarks..... I have had to reset all my actions and putting the watermark on I didn't lower opacity enough. Fixing it!

We did this exact same shot with her as a newborn!

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