Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coming to you live.... from my new mac!

Well.... it was decidedly cold here today. And my kids were decidedly whiney. And grouchy. Sick... one has a fever and sore throat, and the other has almost lost his voice. Not enough to make us happy! Fighting all day. Nothing was good enough. Nothing was fun.
They were taking turns hitting timeout all day.

To try and break up the day I decided to take them outside. That was before I realized how cold it was outside!! Of course Ro had no issues with the cold, but Kade was having meltdown after meltdown. Then Rohan had a meltdown because I made him come inside.

It was just one of those days. One of those days where, as a parent, you are glad everyone lived, everyone ate something, and you managed to get them all to bed.

So here I sit trying to organize my computer (which my pc brain is actually having troubles with!) and revelling in its speed.

As it was quite frosty out today... it was perfect for a few macro shots. Except it turned out to be too cold. My fingers were sore and my hand was shaky from shivering. I was forced to give up! Now... I am still learning how to do this, so keep that in mind ;)I am still learning the computer so progress is slow. This mouse kind of stinks so I will have to get another to do proper editing. I really wanted to practice and get all my actions sorted out.

LOVE LOVE this!!!


  1. YOu will love your Mac . The mouse not so much. Love these shots and especially the eyelash one. Gorgeous.

  2. You dont have to use a mac mouse, Kathy. A PC mouse fits too. I have a Mac and use a normal mouse because I also found the mac mouse tricky when I was doing design. :)

  3. love love love the pinecone macro. I just sent someone your link for newborn pics...hope they contact you; I couldn't fit them in. I hope all is well!
    Sue Homik





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