Saturday, November 6, 2010

You're beautiful...... You are treasured....... and you are loved

Today Kade got some gorgeous dresses that a friend sewed just for her!! They are beautiful and I can not thank you enough!!! Kade... full of surprises lately asked me to take her pictures. Bragged to Daddy I was going to take her pictures... she was DEFINITELY making up for yesterday ;)

But hey. I'll take it!

Anyways... after a day of reading a few very awesome e-mails, comments and some phone calls I have become a little more sane. Thank you to all who responded in comments and e-mail... I appreciated them ALL. After dumping all this on a mom I barely met at Ro's kindergarten class... and grandma it was pretty clear. Time to let go. Yes she wants to dance. She asked today when her next class is (SERIOUSLY???? COME ON!!!). We will not be making any more attempts this year. Mommy and me classes here we come!! Clearly she is not ready. She wants to desperately... but she is not ready. And I do not want this to negatively affect her. Neither of us do. So we have decided. NO MORE.

Then on the way home tonight a song came on the radio. I found a you tube link to it here. There are more of them... I just put one here. *note* it is a Christian song... just sayin ;) You don't have to click lol.
Anyways... this song struck me tonight.

She is beautiful. Just the way she is. Whether she ever gets the courage to ever dive in with the other kids... whether she ever walks in to another dance class... whether she freaks out on me like that again... she is our treasure. And beautiful. And sometimes.... sometimes that just needs to be pointed out. And remembered. Because life is hard. And gets forgotten to just slow down. And focus on how beautiful our children really are. No matter the quirks.

Anyways..... I agreed to do her pics (surprise) and she was all over it.

No really... she was totally into it

Seriously... she gave me her BEST

And then some....

Really... this is what I have to work with people....

Then came along my favorite shot.

And then there were these.

And my ultimate fav of our time together

And a few attempts at putting three fingers up (you know because she's three lol). Who knew it was THAT hard?

And then she was spent.

Kade. You are beautiful.And we all love you. The way that you are. Less the tantrums ;) Muah. I had to get that in there!

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  1. WE all have those moments but in the end we wouldn't trade them for anything. Great positive outlook! She is a treasure!





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