Monday, November 15, 2010

well.... this is rare.

I have been enjoying some time off. While it is not really off... I have been taking some time off sessions. There are going to be some pretty major (and FUN) changes coming.... I will be working hard to get things going again in the new year!

In taking time off.... I have not really picked up my camera. Today I did. And my kids smiled. And had fun! I wanted to take some pics of a headband I have been working on. I ordered patterns months ago and never had the time to figure them out. Slowly I am getting through the patterns and discovering I have to order many more supplies of etsy. Our stores here don't have exactly what I need of much at ALL. What is UP with that here anyways??? EVERYTHING I want I end up having to order. But I made do with what I had... and for my first attempt at a more difficult one..... I LOVE it. And Kade thinks she is BEAUTIFUL in it :)

So I got to work grabbing some pics and Rohan butted right in asking if I wanted some of him.

WOW. I guess if I stop shoving it in their faces.... I will get much better pics!!!

Hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more of these headbands... I am on a mission!

Melt my heart.

I don't know what is is with looking away pics... but they fascinate me.

Seriously.... has potential right?? I love the textures and unique looks - no 2 will ever be the same!

This made me think he was kidding.... and going to get me all mad he got my hopes up!

But then.... the moment hit.

I am just the luckiest mom.... look at this face!!!!!


  1. Correct on all acounts!Faye

  2. Your little girl is just so gorgeous! your boy is pretty handsome as well , great photos!





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