Sunday, November 7, 2010

I love when daylight savings time is OVER!!!

Because it brings about the time of year photographers DREAM about. Sunset. At a decent hour. Before it is freezing cold and totally miserable.

TODAY I finally got to take my kids out. And they were happy. Not overtired and crazy. LOVE IT. Wish I had planned a real session for my own kids today! We went out and met up with Gram then went back to her place.... such a nice day!

It was beautiful out and we had so much fun out with Gram. This is the best fall ever!!!

I had some fun with some flare... I just love flare :)

See what I mean? He sat and posed. And held a smile. And nope I didn't care that I had to get the leaves in the shot. per him lol.

I got two poses out of him!!!

As we went to pick up some Subway the sun was setting... and I grabbed my camera. THEN I made a sidetrip before going to Gram's.... out to the country to really see the sunset!

We were too late lol.... that is the problem with sooo many hills around! But it was still gorgeous!


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