Friday, August 21, 2009

2 day old newborn squishiness!!!

Yes..... 2 days!!!! His mom is supermom, BTW. 2 days after having this precious bundle she was up for me invading her house and taking pictures, was looking after 2 of her other children AND 2 dayhome children. If that does not say supermom I would be SHOCKED!
Now little man C also fell for the heating pad..... he thought about putting up a fight and not sleeping, but that heating pad is just magical! Even though the house was already hot like a furnace! My friend S was just about to pass out in the heat I think :)
This was a more challenging shoot to me. My fav lens is in the shop, so I had to use my 50. Which is a fantastic lens, but as multiple other posts have said - it requires more room. Which I didn't have the luxury of. (I normally don't as I shoot natural light and need to be close to windows)
However... I am so happy with the turnout! He is just so cute and looks so snuggly. Enjoy!

This shot is very interesting. He is laying in a belly cast my friend had done when she was preg. Although I had read up on and checked out photos of how to take baby and belly cast shots I was not prepared!!! I had no idea what the cast would be like and it took a little bit ti figure it out. When we were looking at the cast we were wondering just HOW he fit in it. Well... once we set him in there on a blanket he just curled up and snuggled in. We tried moving him a little to get more of his face in the pic - but he had found his sweet spot and was totally curled into it. It was very cool to see just how he fit in there, and I love the pic! I wanted to put a couple's just a neat idea!

I have seen and heard the term 'emotionally in focus' and this pic falls into it in my opinion!!! My camera settings and angles were not set up to take a pic at this moment.... but how can you not LOVE this!!!!

trying out a few hazy pics with textures.... just love it!


  1. OMG - He is beautiful and the pictures are absolutely wonderful!

  2. Hey Kathy it's me S...I just saw this and OMG how sweet..Thanks for having my baby on your blog and thanks for doing such a good job and thanks for being such a good friend.

  3. love seeing your other newbie pix. You are amazing! I wanna get there someday. Have fun and keep up the beautiful work!!





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