Friday, August 28, 2009

sweetness....... a little newborn princess

When my friend K told us she was expecting again I was over the top excited!!! I had a blast taking their maternity photos and could not wait for this little bundle of sweetness to be born!!!!
I just love her to bits... she is so cute and cuddly. And the girl knows how to sleep! (ok for me - not so much for mom at night - this is a girl that knows how to party!!!)
My friend and her family have been so awesome... they have let me take multiple sessions of pictures, and let me *manhandle* their sleeping beauty trying to get some more practice in. I really love photographing newborns - and their awesomeness has really helped my learn ALOT :)
I had to put some up - little princess L is already getting big - and I have done so many sessions I was trying to edit them all at once. Now I realize I should give them what I have and continue on!!!
I have done more different types of edits... trying to really work in textures and newborns, and continue on in my love of slightly hazy pics.
So here is a snippit of so far... she is a beauty.... watch out if you may suffer from baby fever :)

These were all taken from the first and second session (days apart).... she was sooo itty bitty!!!!

This shot was WAY trickier then I had planned.... must investigate proper towels and folding. He head was making the towels go all lopsided and wanting to fall over... but don't worry no newborns or towels were hurt in the attempt! We were all hovering over her :)

These were some from the third session at my house!! I love that my friend will just let me snap her pics whenever!!

trying some more new to me textures.... I love the softness!


  1. I love the texture on the last one! And my how good you are getting at soft baby skin! Beautiful tones!

  2. I LOVE the towels!!!





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