Friday, August 28, 2009

beauty in Drumheller

We went on a little trip, my family and I on the hunt for ghostowns. It was pretty fun!
Leaving the house I had completely made up my mind where we were going. I had of course not read the map entirely, but figured I knew where I was going. About halfway to Strathmore Dion looked at the map and said.... ok really? This is going to take until 9 pm. We should have gone towards Lethbridge. Sooooo we went on to pick #2. We toured the Drumheller Valley. Of course we made some stops in Drumheller.... there will be pics of those up soon :)
I was sooo hoping to find a completely abandoned town... like I envision in my mind. But that was not to be. The first town had quite a few abandoned buildings.... but many more that should have been! There were quite a few people there. The second one was almost completely abandoned... but the mosquitos were eating us alive, so I had no choice but to snap quick and start getting some GRUMPY kids back on the road!!!
I loved every part of that trip - I love get up and go trips. Plus I am really learning alot about Alberta's history checking out these towns!!!

So here are some pics of the valley.... I promise I will have some of the kids up soon!

The HooDoos.... right outside of Drumheller.... really cool! Kids had fun climbing these! (on the designated paths of course!)

right outside the old coal mine... it was beautiful!


  1. I LOVE these!! Especially the church picture! It would be awesome to blow it up, frame it and hang that one!!


  2. These are postcard perfect Kathy. Your Mom is in love with the grain elevator - photo. Thinks it is just divine. In fact, would you sell us a copy so she put it in the house here?
    I am absolutely taken with the one scenery one above it - without the logo. Something about the large hill of rock and the road ... ... . You are amazing.
    You really ought to put you logo on all of them and submit them as post cards of the area. Anonymous Barbara :-)





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