Thursday, September 3, 2009

my son cracks me up.....

He really is hilarious. When I first got the pettiskirts in, he wanted to know if they sold boy ones. LOL. He thought they were just AWESOME for dancing in. Every time we turned around he was in one. He would go SEARCHING for them to put one on. Completely funny!!! When I finally asked him why he did it - he told me it was because he knew it would make us laugh. Awwwwwwwww.
Then it got really funny - he added wings to the mix. I had bought them for Kade. Who wanted none of it. But he did!!!!
Then he dragged his cousin into his weird love of the skirts. He jumped right in and they ran around the house in the skirts... with his cousin crying cause he wanted to wear wings too. Seriously... you can't make this stuff up!

Then he went through this phase. Once he was put to bed, he would get up, go and get some clothing of Kades and put it on over his jammies. I could not help but really laugh out loud... then call Dion and get my camera. This is the stuff weddings are MADE of. and could possibly be some good blackmail material.

the skirt....

the shirt......

His latest adventure is latex gloves. He found them the other night and HAD to wear a pair to bed. Seriously... after taking this pic I took them off and they were full of water. GROSSNESS. he then proceeded to wear them all day - even to a friends house for a playdate. They have all mysteriously disappeared now. I'm just wondering what was worse... putting latex gloves on hot sweaty little hands a gazillion times a day or answering the question - when are you getting me more gloves mom?


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