Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am almost there......

The time has come.... I have edited my little heart out. I have a few more pictures to share.
I have been stuck on two pictures. I was trying for a silhouette... but they just didn'te turn out quite they way I expected. And WHO KNEW a van was parked outside ruining the shots lol. So those are probably going to take more creativity. Once of them is so beautiful so I am determines to make something of it.
For now..... please enjoy these last shots :)
For those wanting to do this shot - use smaller blocks. If you can find them. and I have heard tape helps. This was the first try though, and I didn't even have blocks - they were Kate supplied. Thank goodness her child isn't deprived of blocks like mine!

This is a re-edit. I wasn't completely happy with my first attempt.


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