Saturday, March 7, 2009

woa....... I have found something amazing!

This is not a huge post..... but I wanted to put it up so I can remember this day :)

I have heard about noiseware in a few forums. I never tried it - I can't be shelling out the bucks for the plug in for photoshop and having a stand alone version that's free means alot more steps in editing.

I downloaded the program today and thought I would try it on some Christmas Eve pics that I took. They were underexposed, the ISO was too high and the noise was horrific. I can`t even believe I kept them on the computer.... but I did because it was Christmas Eve and they are pics of my kids and that`s what matters!

Here is one example. I haven`t figured out the whole program yet, it`s a work in progress. But WOW - my jaw dropped when I saw what this program is capable of - just the free version! YAY for noiseware!!!!!


Noise reduced!!!! Whoop!


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