Monday, March 30, 2009

there is a light at the end of this mat shoot tunnel!

I'm almost done!!!!
Kate you are most patient.
I can not even describe how much of a learning curve I have taken doing a 'real' shoot. And I say that loosely lol.

Talk about figuring out a good workflow..... and cropping.... and sharpening..... and SKIN. Skin is the hardest thing to get right. I finally found a great way to edit skin, and I'm almost at the end of the pictures. FIGURES.

I am putting the pictures up here, because as I am gearing up for portfolio building, I like to have some examples of my work and see how I roll, or should I say shoot. This is my only way (for now) of doing that!

So here are some more!!!!

I can't figure out if color or b/w is better.......

Seriously. One of the prettiest pregnant women around right now :)


  1. oh there it is!!!

    they look great as always :)

    oh btw, i like it better in colour (are you surprised? lol)

  2. I just knew you would like the color better ;)





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