Thursday, September 24, 2009

the blog and my photography journey gets an overhaul!

Many of you know I have been extremely hard at work. I wanted to brand myself, and wanted to get a business set up. Up until now only a few of you knew what was going on, and how stressed out I have been. From choosing a name, to a logo, which website to go with, the list has been endless. I am not finished.... but am confident I am far enough along to start getting the word out.

as you can tell by the gigantic blog header - my new name is Photolicious Photography. My friend 'V' came up with the name the INSTANT I told her I was trying to figure one out that fit me. She did it. Came up with a perfect one. Lucky for me this one's domain was free :) So I then moved on to getting my business registered, buying my domain, getting a logo made, and setting up a website. THAT took forever! And while it is still not done - I am confident is shows the real me. Who I am. and why I do what I do.

Next up business cards and some pamphlets. As I have had numerous requests for both, I will let everyone know when I have them!

I thank all my friends that let me freak out a little (or a lot) over all this business stuff. It has been a long road, and to think I'm not even done! I have learned more than I ever thought I would about this internet world we live in, and am not sure I like that or not yet ;) It is trickier than one would think!!! Thanks to you all for helping me make my decisions, voicing your opinions, and trusting the photos of you and your children to me!

So here we go.... go and check out this link......

make sure you check out the specials tab - I'm extending current pricing until October 19. PERFECT time for fall photos.... it's beautiful out there!

Also... I am developing a new facebook fan page. If you want to be a fan.... go to

Here is one.... the beauty of fall in the country!! LOVE this spot!





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