Friday, September 4, 2009

picture overload..... my cute kids!

The journey. How I have to remember that this is a journey. I wish it could just happen overnight.
I stress over everything! I want everyone's pics to be the absolute BEST I can take and make them. I am trying to work out the business end of things. I worry I will never be as good as I hope. As good as others around me. That I will NEVER be able to make a living of this.
Then. I take a moment and work on some pics of my kids. Then. I remember. The reason I am doing this is because I LOVE it. I love seeing a great picture. I love artistic editing. I love it. Taking a moment to work on pics of my own kids remind me - this is what I want to give others.
It is hard sometimes to avoid getting wrapped up in the gear I want, the props I want, comparing myself to others. But I sit back now and think... I just want to be the absolute best I can be. There is a reason I am up all night working on the computer, reading 10 lb books, and taking thousands of pics - even though my kids are sick of it. Because I want to give art to people. And I want it to be great.

I went to Strathmore to visit grandma with the kids and had so much fun. These pictures made me smile. These pictures remind me that doing this is FUN!!!!!!

I LOVE this picture. It is one of my favorites I have ever taken of her.

She was soooooo tired!!!

I keep trying to get one of the three of them together looking and smiling....... yes it's craziness lol


  1. Beautiful pics! Thanks so much for sharing them!

  2. I love these, you always do a great job! I love the ones with Ro, the monkey bars and splashing in the water. Don't worry you have the eye to make it, the rest is just stuff, you'll get there. You already have whats most important!

  3. I love those splash park pics! Makes me miss summer already.





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