Friday, May 8, 2009

a new toy...... WOOHOO I LOVE new toys

So...... while I totally LOVE my 50mm - I am constantly running out of room indoors with it.
I do not have a full frame camera, so a 50mm is more like 75 - which means you gotta back WAY up! And when I'm taking pics on seamless you have to move the subjects pretty far away from the seamless. Which translates to space issues. With little C (pics next post) I could have taken the pics outside I was crammed into the corner of my living room wishing I could be on the other side of the glass LOL.

I now have a tamron 28-75 2.8. Which will forever be called my Tammy. She is purdy and sharp - but needs to build a closer relationship with my camera haha. Still not quite getting the results I hopw for... but every once in awhile she blows me away, so I know it's in there!!!

Once I get used to it LOOK out - here comes some SHARP focus!!!

My kids have not wanted to play yet - so here are some outdoor shots. Look at the clarity.... BEEEEAUTIFUL! (excuse the vignetting on the edges - I don't have the proper hood so I was using my kit lens one. Caused a little vignetting.)


  1. Gorgeous! I love your sun flares! I've been too scared to try that yet! I love the last picture, the spiderwebs are really neat!

  2. Wow..that lens seems amazing. I'll have to check it out.





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