Thursday, May 21, 2009

as promised... another beautiful little boy!

This little guy was probably one of the strongest newborns I have seen.

When Rohan was born he lifted his head up and looked at me. This newborn wast just like that - tough!!! He wanted none of my posing - he was alert and holding his head up like a trooper. He finally fell asleep after a few hours.... just in time for me to go!!!

He was just so cute... can't wait to see him again!! And his sister is just gorgeous.... and will model hats!!! He is another *C* baby.... I've had three in a row!!!

Hope you enjoy!!!!

This is my very favorite picture from this session. I love it!

It may not be the best pic with a soother... but it captures him and I just love those little bitty feet!


  1. Good job, once again! I love that big flower hat!

  2. What a sweetie, your right that first one is awesome! Love the B&W!

  3. Awwwww, these are so precious!!

  4. Sooo adorable! Good work here!





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