Tuesday, May 19, 2009

another cute little newborn!!!

Well.... I have two newborn sessions still on the go!
Both of them are almost ready to go. Thanks to the moms for their patience with me. Not only did they suffer through the painfully slow process of my taking pics, but my equally slow process of editing them.
I want them to look as perfect as I know how to as of yet - which takes me alot of time. Although having these two little boys sessions has given me a great deal of editing knowledge - especially with their little boy *parts* LOL!!!!
These sessions also taught me a little about patience.... neither one of them was into the deep sleeping, foldable baby zone!!! They both wanted to catch every last piece of action. They also wanted to pee all over everything LOL! I need to get me some more practice!!!!
So here is one of the two - the whole session will be ready for mom tomorrow!!!! The other session will be up by Wed - I promise!!!

As both boys start with a *C* - this is a little cutie from Strathmore!!!! He is a total cutie and had these eyes... fo a newborn they were so clear, he just loved looking around!!! Very beautiful baby with a super patient mom... we were waiting patiently for him to fall asleep - and in so doing found out we are both from the same small town in MB. IMAGINE!!!


  1. amazing!! what a beautiful baby...and yes the eyes are so so nice!

  2. What a sweet little baby! I love these shots. Great job!

  3. Awwww, he is absolutely adorable!! Love the chunky knit hat, too. Mom's gonna love them. :)

  4. Beautiful photos!! And such a sweet, precious baby! You did a really great job! Mama's going to be so happy with them!

  5. *sigh.* newborns are so heavenly. I love these!

  6. Beautiful baby! Great captures, love the shots!

  7. These are very sweet! Cute cute baby!

  8. Beautiful baby and gorgeous pics.

  9. Hey, I thought you said you would do another post by Wednesday?!?!?! I'm waiting....

  10. Oh my...what a beautiful lil boy. These are amazing!!!!





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