Friday, May 8, 2009

meet C the happiest 6 month old on the planet!!!

I had the huge pleasure of photographing little C and his beautiful sister.
He was so happy it was ridiculous!!! He has this smile that can light up a room, and his eyes are totally amazing. He was up for anything I could throw at him.... I have tons of fun plexiglass pics... but I put in just a couple to start.
Hope you enjoy!!!!!
also.... please excuse any color weirdness that may occur looking at the photos :) I've been playing around with color management files because I'm not happy how washed out my photos look on the web. The system I've been trying does not appear to work as well as I hoped - some of these pics still look PRETTY washe out to me :( Good news is they print FANTASTIC!!!! It's just on the web I'm having trouble.


  1. He looks like a pretty happy kid! The pics are nice and bright and the color doesn't look bad to me!

  2. Those are great! He is so chubby and cute! I love the reflection shots, those are really cute!





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