Friday, April 10, 2009

a nice day... urban feel.... my first self made textures!

The snow is finally melting!!! Gram and I packed the kids up for a fun day with the kids. We checked out a couple small towns and the kids had so much fun! We hit some parks, walked the main streets and had the best ice cream in High River.

I was basically checking out some locations. I want to try the *urban* photos I keep seeing everywhere. I love them! So I'm putting up a few attempts. We found this great old building with red peeling paint - AWESOME!
I also wanted to try making my own textures. I took some really great pics and edited them to make the texture pics. Although I do really love them, I'm still tweaking them to get them working right. But I'm throwing the pics into the mix because it's fun and funky. kind of neat to put textures on pics that were taken from the places we were at :)

Of course we were out midday so I don't have many pics to choose from - full sun and shadows does not make for ideal settings lol! Of course I have alot of fun snapshots from the day :)
I am so glad spring is here! It was so nice to get out and play all day. For all of us!

Trying out some sunflare action. I have many ideas for this fun stuff!

This door makes Kade look so tall LOL. The handle was really low. She was having a blast! The first pic is with some texture. peeling paint off another bulding. The second one of course has none. I did the second one first and now wish I had brightened it more - I like the bright look that texture gave the door!

Thank goodness for grandmas! She was willing to strike some poses!

LOVE the second one. Beautiful!

This step was PERFECT! I was hoping to get some shots of Ro - but he wasn't it to it. And when he was.....
my camera magically changed one of the settings and royally messed up some of pics. Thankfully I caught it before the day was over, but Ro's modelling moments were over by then LOL. The texture is from treebark!

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