Saturday, April 4, 2009

new blanket....and a bean bag EXPLOSION

Sooooooo I have been getting my props together for the upcoming newborn that is on his way.

I went and got a bean bag from Walmart. You know the kind you fill with the huge bags of beans?

Well let me tell you. The pic on the front of the girl happily filling the chair with no mess is so off base.

Plus there should be a warning to all that goes like this *DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FILL WITH THE HELP OF YOUR 3 YEAR OLD SON. IT WILL BE BAD. VERY BAD.*
Because it was. The little styro balls of full of static electricity. And they were EVERYWHERE. Rohan was dancing in them dragging them all over the house to *help* me LOL.

1.5 hours to clean up. SERIOUSLY. With Kade crying in her crib b/c I knew she would eat them. All of them. Those things literally JUMP off the dustpan. And adding insult to injury the clung to the broom HANDLE. Seriously, come on!!!! The went 1/2 way up the walls, when the door opened the would fly all over. Two days later we are still finding them (typically in Kade's mouth lol)

To clean them up I had to get Ro go around with a spray bottle full of water and spray them so I could actually sweep them up. Truly awful. Buy them stuffed if you can find them! Seriously.
Mine needs another bag but I don't wanna!!!!
I also got some new blankets. Gorgeous stuff.

So Rohan acted like my newborn haha so i could get some practice in and get a feel for how to shoot these shots.
This is him. I am going to have to keep working at it, they're not all I expected. But the blanket is gorgeous. It's like real animal hair - you can pet it. My kids want to keep it for themselves - but once it's washed it's OFF LIMITS!!!!


  1. I can't believe you went through all of that! So funny!

  2. It was really awful. for me. Rohan thought it was THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!





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