Friday, December 10, 2010

the difference between being thirty something and being three

is what you can get away with eating.

This is where my daughter lives.

No really it's true. Ask anyone in our family. This kid is a machine. 2 breakfasts is normal. Followed by a snack. And then comes lunch. Maybe once, maybe twice. Then a snack. Or two. Or three. Because by this point, who's counting anyways? She helps herself to the fridge, to the pantry. Which is fine by me... I get tired of catering to this little diva. Then it's supper. Thankfully she is usually tired of eating by then ;) The upside? She really likes a lot of healthy food. So I am ok with it. And she is a perfectly normal size so I am not overly concerned. But it is absolutely amazing to see how much this kid can pack in. And I do mean pack in. She stuffs her face like she has not eaten in weeks. EVERY TIME.

But then she looks at me when she is sneaking things.... or trying to

Busted. Like a kid in a candy store. And you know what I feel? Jealousy. I am thirty something. The weight is getting harder to take off. I make an attempt.... then get discouraged.

This week I had the bright idea of doing the cabbage soup diet with my sister.

Here is my NUMBER ONE tip when it comes to this diet:


No really do not do it. Don't even read about it. Don't google it. Don't give it another thought after you read this post. Seriously. So gross it is disturbing. I will spare you the gory details, but I will just say by the third morning.... looking at the soup was enough to gag me. There was absolutely NO WAY I could swallow any today. I thought maybe I could get by eating the fruits and veggies and try again tomorrow. But I was oh so hungry. And I had things to do and places to be. So.... at lunch time I threw in the towel. BEST COFFEE EVER.

That was my first ever diet... and my last. If the soup would have been good it would have been great... but seriously, who likes cabbage ANYWAYS????? Seriously. still.shuddering. And while I was choking down some soup and starving myself I was preparing food for the never ending hungry monster. Drooling over the sandwiches. Wanting to steal her lunch.

My sister gave it up not long after me. Just for the record. She thought she could hold that over my head, but went through the same thing as me on her last bowl.

The upside? I started working out again. And now I know I have to get cracking. This weight isn't going to lose itself. In fact it just keeps multiplying. And I am sick of it.

I will need some encouragement.

And plan on living vicariously through my daughter. She does, after all, eat enough for two!


  1. Awesome post! I was expecting a pic of the soup! LOVE the pics at the fridge!

  2. It was far too gross to put a pic up of!!!

  3. Oh my gosh what a great post love it!





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