Wednesday, December 22, 2010

bliss.... can it be made up?

The memories I want to keep. The look of concentration on my daughter's face as she tries to draw an octopus. The beautiful warm colors indoors on a cold winter's day.

The way she sticks out her bottom lip when she is working on something.

her pretty pink nails.

Spending time with grandma. Just hangin out and coloring.

How very proud she is to display her final image.

I want to remember every bit of these moments.

How hard he tries NOT to smile.

how much she dislikes snow. and cold. and may have been born in the wrong country? lol.

I want to remember how much he LOVES to be outside playing.

and that she actually stood still IN THE SNOW in her snow bunny outfit she put on and let me take a picture.

I want to remember how happy his smile makes me.

WHICH IS A HUGE PROBLEM..... because right now all I can remember is.........

how long I had to spend at the mall. With two kids. Running around, hiding, screaming and having to go pee at the most inopportune times. Holding on to 2 parkas, having mitts thrown at me, glasses left behind in stores we visited. Trying to pick out clothing while holding my purse, the parkas, the mitts and the glasses. While also holding a bag of returns I already needed to do!  Listening to them begging to leave, then finding stuff they wanted me to buy..... oh the joys that is last minute Christmas shopping!

Hope you are all ready for Christmas. And can enjoy some beautiful, fun and relaxing moments before Christmas. While I keep running around like a crazy person. Taking pictures in the hopes that the memories I want to keep just take over the memories of the CRAZY mom chasing her kids round the stores ;)

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  1. Awww. Love the warm colors, looks like it was lit by a fireplace. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy!





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