Sunday, February 8, 2009 head is spinning

So I now have a goal. Woohoo!!! I think....... lol :)

Here's my goal. I want to open a small business set up for..... wait for it..... mid summer.
It will be only for babies, children, family and engagement pictures. Hopefully I will be able to broaden my portfolio as I learn and gain experience. It will be mostly on location pictures... at peoples' home and their fav places.
Phew. nice to have that out there :) Now I know what I'm working for.

Now..... on to the good stuff. I have been focusing this week on outdoor shots. Really working on using the natural light, figuring out how to use it and work with it. I have also been trying to work on my composition. Using the 'rules' of photography lol. I think they have come a long way and it is helping me learn more about my camera and the lenses I have.

I have also been working on black and white conversions. Different techniques and effects. So far I haven't found a complete favorite..... but it's a work in progress.
As you can see - I have been all over the place and working on too many things lol. I am in need of some FOCUS.
I also have some new equipment!!!! I now have some reflectors and a new flash. I haven't go the hang of either of them yet lol!!! I keep trying to practise, but the kids don't want any more pics. I have to resort to heavy bribery now. So last night I was practising with some roses on a table. May not be the best, but I'm working on it! I am going to try to wait patiently for some other purchases.... a new backdrop stand, a strob box, umbrella and stand. I can NOT wait to get those out and going.

Some other developments..... I may be doing some wedding pics this summer for a friend of a friend. This makes me incredible nervous, but also focused to be the best I can by then. I am determined to pull it off in a big way! I am also gearing up to take my sister's engagment pics. So happy for her and happy to do this!!!!

So on to the next week...... my focus is on learning the flash and the reflectors. I am slo trying to find the magical element in portraits (magical for me anyways) getting that light soft creamy skin. That is my mission!!!!!

Here are some black and whites, indoor and outdoor shots. Which for some of you is a repeat of my FB photo album....... but for some of you are NEW!!!! Enjoy!

These were some random shots out in the country.... out with the kids and Yvonne my MIL. Good times! The wagon is edited for the 'vintage' feel. The other two for their beauty :)

These were taken outside with the kids tobaggining around our block. The first is a 'chocolate' b&w conversion. The second is my attempt at skin smoothing.
These were taken out at Spruce Meadows Today. It was a beautiful day. Too bad Rohan was too cranky lol. There were Rolex clocks EVERYWHERE!!

I LOVE this picture. He is our 100% boy. He's either 100% happy or 100% unhappy. There is no middle ground with him :) And this shot gave me a good opportunity to try out eye sharpening and pop. Love it!


  1. Wow! You are improving by leaps and bounds! I think you are surpassing me at an alarming rate! I'm jealous of the time you have to work on perfecting your craft!

  2. Thanks for the compliment. But I must say you are totally wrong my dear. I look to your pics for inspiration!!! And to see what CAN be if I can figure out what I'm doing! As for time.... you should see my house lol. I don't know how you have any time at all - working and being mommy and doing all the fun learning! Kudos to you!

  3. Kathy your photos are beautiful!

    Hope you don't mind, I am adding you to my blog list. :)

  4. I don't mind at all.... I'm going to check yours out too. and thank you!





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