Friday, January 23, 2009

latest and greatest night photography

Night photography has a certain magical beauty. I love it. I saw some pics and had to try it. So I read up on it, talked to some people in my Flickr groups and learned how to set the settings on my camera. I also learned the ap and shutter speeds good for the lenses I wanted to use for the effects I wanted. My first night out was with my MIL Yvonne. We went to Crescent Heights. Beautiful view of downtown and Center Street Bridge. Will def be going back in the summer for some sunrise/sunset action with the river and the bridge. But when we went it was COLD and WINDY and my tripod had a malfunction. But we survived and it was worth it - I love the photos. I am pretty proud of my first attempts :) The next night I went out was 2 nights later with Danielle. It was much warmer and not windy so I lasted till midnight.... past my bedtime lol! We went to SAIT and spent alot of time in a parkade getting many weird looks.... they tore out the huge grassy field with the views to put in a parkade!!!!But I got some good motion blur shots. We also went to Scotsman Hill - again great views. We had a blast! Can't wait to go again!!! take a peek and let me know what you think! comments and suggestions are always welcome here!

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  1. i love your photos. i want to learn how to take pictures like that to. i think i'll wait till summer though. thats the saddledome right? still need to fly out there a see a calgary game.





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